Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 8!

Back again :)

Today I am to write 3 thing's I want to say to different people. Shit. That's going to take a lot of brain power.....I mean, don't we want to say lot's of things to lots of different people? Well, here goes nothing!

#1- To my Mom, I miss you. I'm sorry that you are dealing with the stuff you are having to deal with now. I hate that I'm not there with you right now. I think of you all the time and love you so much! :)

#2- To my husband, thank you. For everything. We've been married coming up on 8 years now and you've been an amazing husband and father, and always striving to be an even better husband and dad. Thank you. I am blessed to have you in my life!

#3-To my facebook friends, first I apologize for all the silly thing's I post. I'm sure it's annoying, but you must understand that I am a stay at home mom, talking to 4 kids all day can make any sane person feel a little nutty. ;) Posting every inch of my life (ok I'm not THAT bad) is my way of staying connected to family and friends. So thanks for hanging in there, to the people that haven't deleted me....yet haha!

There ya have it. My 3 things to different people. I might have been a little more 'wordy' if my kiddos weren't hounding me for "luuuuuunch". Thanks for reading :)

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