Thursday, July 12, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 17!!

Today is day 17!! I'm going to tell you what I think all my children will be when they grow up. :)

Nicholas. I see Nicholas doing something like engineering. He is into things like that, and is super smart (when he chooses to show it!!). It fits his personality completely! He says he wants to be a police officer, or maybe join the military, but I'd prefer him to not do something dangerous.....but I won't be able to stop him from doing what he wants ;)

Laura. I see her doing something like teaching. She plays school a lot, an enjoys trying to teach Katie and William all the things she learns in her class. I also see her as a doctor. She is so smart, and caring. She says she wants to be a dancer or a singer when she grows up. She loves to watch ballerinas dance away. :)

Katie. I see Katie doing theatre or something! She totally has the personality for it, but since she also likes her space, maybe she could be a drama teacher. That totally fits that little girl! I just asked Katie what she wants to be and she said "When I'm big I want to go to CHUCKEE CHEESE and give him a hug". Ok...we will revisit that question in a few more months LOL!!

William. He is still so little, but has so much personality that I can see him doing something like construction. He LOVES to fix things with daddy. He walks around "fixing" things all day. It will be fun to see what I think he'd be in a year or two. They change so quickly!

I will be happy with whatever my kids choose to be when they are older. As long as they work hard at their job, help others, and are happy.....I will be happy too :)

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