Monday, July 2, 2012

30 Day Challenge, Day 7!!

Hi everyone!! Today is day 7 on my challenge, and here is the challenge I am to write about....

--Do you read, and what are your favorite books?

 Yes, I love reading. I am super busy, and by the time I get a minute to myself, I find something else to clean, or I'm just too tired to actually use my brain in any useful way. Pinterest and facebook, don't count as me using my brain.....thats just static that occupies my mind when I'm too tired to do anything else. :) Moving on...

 I remember in elementary school I was the "red hot reader" every month. I loved reading so much, and tried to read as much as my brain and sleepy eyes would allow. I loved new information, the stories, the imagination that it allowed me to have. I still love all of that.

 I just read The Hunger Games trilogy.....actually I have the last half of the last book to finish, but I need to find time to make that happen. That was an amazing story (so far)!!

 ANYTHING Nicholas Sparks writes is incredible. Those are stories that I can lose myself in. I read a lot of his books while spending so many hours nursing Katie.

 Jodi Picoult is wonderful. The way she writes is so easy to follow, so anyobody can really enjoy her writing.

 Those are my favorites. When I was younger I loved all the babysitters club books, and a few others that my brain won't allow me to remember. That's what I get for writing a blog while my kids are awake lol! ;)

 My kids read daily. Nicholas is not into reading as much as I would hope, but every once in a while, he gets into a book that really grabs his attention, and then he will talk about it for days. THAT is what I love. It gets my kids thinking, and using their imaginations. Kids need that now, more than ever in my opinion. So get your kiddos reading, and when you finally have a second to yourself, close your laptops and grab a book instead. Happy reading!!

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