Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer fun Day 10!!! My little artists.

Hi friends! I'm so excited to post about today's activity, but first I need to thank everyone who has messaged me, telling me I've inspired them to start doing more activities with their kids. That makes my heart so happy to hear! Our kids will thank us one day, when they look back and remember all the things we did with them. These small things make a big difference :)

So on to today's activity!!

I have been wanting to bring some color into my home. I'm naturally drawn to dark furniture and picture frames, so I thought of a way to add some beautiful, happy art to my happy home. Vase painting!!

I went to the dollar store (I got a lot of our supplies for the summer, from the dollar store!) and got 4 small vases. I got some paint at walmart, and we already had lots of paint brushes at home.

Today when I got out all the supplies, I felt like the vases weren't big enough, so I looked through my vase cabinet and found 4 big, different shaped vases. PERFECT! I was so excited that the kids would all have a unique vase. I got right onto pinterest to find more ideas for the small vases, for another day. ;)

I asked the kids to paint whatever they wanted, as long as there were no words. I wanted them to really put their hearts into their art, and not paint random letters. We will save that kind of painting for another day. I told them we would be putting these vases around the house, so they could paint them any way they thought was beautiful.

We put newspaper on the table, let each kid pick a vase and got to work. Immediately my little artists started pouring their hearts into their art work. They were so quiet, sitting their painting so intently. Even William, was on a mission to paint that vase.

I can't even begin to explain, how beautiful these vases turned out. I let them dry, and put them in different places in the living room. I am in LOVE with them. They worked hard, for a really long time, and the outcome is simply beautiful.

The kids can walk through the living room seeing their art, and their siblings art and be proud. It makes us all feel happy and loved when our artwork is put on display. I hope this makes them feel that way. I sure do, when I look at all of the vases. :)

If I recommend any of these activities to you so far, this one would be at the top of my list. I just love that they put their hearts on a vase for all to see.

Enjoy all these pictures of my artists, hard at work! Oh, and we were all in swim suits, because we were playing outside but couldn't wait to get started on our painting!


This is Nicholas's vase. I LOVE how he painted his own kind of flower petals on the entire thing. It's so unique, and fun to look at. He wants to put a candle in it, which we think will look awesome!  It fits perfectly on our bookshelf!

Here is Katie's. She took a long time trying to fit so many of her amazing ideas on her vase, polka dots, turned out gorgeous, and fits perfectly on this table.

This is William's. He used so many pretty colors, and had such determination, while painting. I had a vase sitting here in this spot with potpourri, but replaced it with his vase. PERFECT!

This is Laura's vase. She painted beautiful flowers on one side, and hearts and stars on the other. I LOVE how colorful and happy it is. Just like her. I put it on the center table of our sectional, and it's perfect!

I fall in love with these vases, each time I look at them.....they turned boring vases into gorgeous art!

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