Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer fun Day 21! Bird feeders :)

Hello friends!! Today is day 21, and we had a fun, yet super simple project. The kids had fun making these, and I'm sure the birdies that we see in our yard every day, will be thanking us.

All you need is:
toilet paper tubes
string or yarn
peanut butter
bird seed

I put two holes at the top of each tube, and tied some yarn to each one. The kids spread some peanut butter all over the tubes, and then simply rolled them in the bird seed.

SO EASY! They had fun talking about all the birds that are going to enjoy these, and I think they are right.

We had 4, so we hung them in different places. Only one made it on an actual tree! LOL! Out tree's have super long branches, so we really could only find one spot on all 5 of our trees!

They are really cute, and I think it made the kids feel good to do something for our little birdie friends. We have lots of them flying from tree to tree (including some new baby birds that just learned to fly!), so it will be fun to see them eating away at the bird feeders.

I hope you all try this activity out. The kids were excited to hang them outside, and now we wait to see them be eaten from.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!





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