Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer fun Day 2. Picnic in the sunshine!

Today started out a little rough for us. William has been a little sick the past couple days, which USUALLY for him.....that means an ER trip is shortly to follow. It's not fun, but it is needed. He had a hard time sleeping last night and I could hear from his cough, that he had croup. For some reason when he gets croup, he gets it bad. Hence the ER trip. Nick took him to the ER at 4:30am, and they gave him a steroid. He is doing well, but still not 100%

Little sleep for mama, doesn't mean ANYTHING to kids. They still expect the summer fun to continue, and that's ok with me. As long as they lay down quietly during our rest time. So far, so good.....they are all quietly watching our movie.

The kids were very excited this morning as I crossed off yesterday's activity, and read "picnic outside" for today. They love doing that!

I made a special lunch, of sub sandwiches, chips and dip, and strawberries! We laid out our big blanket and got comfy, in our awesome back yard. We are so lucky to have all this grass, and trees to provide shade. It was warm, and relaxing. We ate, and chatted about Katie's day at school.

When we were finished....well....when me, Nicholas, Laura and Katie were finished eating, and William was finished running around playing, we decided to play some games. We played 'I spy'....which they think is so funny when I make up stuff that is nowhere in sight. We then made up 'I hear'.....so we all had to lay down, close our eyes and listen to all the sounds outside. THAT was a hit. We listened to everything. People outside working, the wind rustling the leaves, cars driving by, birds....so much fun!

We laid there for a while, just talking. I love that my kids feel free to speak. They know that they can say whatever is on their minds, ask any question imaginable, and get two parents that won't turn them away.

Day 2 was a success....my kids and I enjoyed our special lunch outside, and enjoyed our silly games even more :)