Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer fun Day 4. Ice Chalk, and Chalk Paint!!

Hello there my friends and family, who do me the sweetest favor ever, and read my ramblings. I truly appreciate it, more than you know :)

Today we were supposed to go to the mall and play at the play area. We haven't been in.....well gosh I can't remember when, months and months! I stopped going so often, because my little sicky William always seemed to get sick after going there. Don't ask me why I put that on my calendar for an activity....maybe to get the kids out of the house? Well, it turns out William is sick. I'm surprised though...this is the first time he's been sick in a while, so his little immune system is getting stronger and stronger :) So we skipped going to the mall, and I had to come up with something new.

I have seen posts on pinterest about Ice Chalk, and Chalk Paint before, but what really got me to try it was my friend, Spirit, recommending it to me! I'm glad she did! We had a blast getting our hands all messy and making our driveway a rainbow of happiness!!

So Katie went to school and I made the ice chalk with William, and Laura, so it would be frozen and ready to use when Katie got home from school. We mixed up water, corn starch and food coloring. They loved helping me put about 4 drops of food coloring in each little star of our ice trays. Popped them in the freezer, and got to making our chalk paint!

We spent most of our morning outside painting away. We used paint brushes and foam brushes. I would completely recommend doing this with your little loves. It was so much fun!

The ice was ready to use and while it WAS fun, it didn't give us as much fun as the chalk paint. The kids thought it was neat to watch the ice melt down the driveway, or to use each ice cube (that was shaped as a star) as a stamp. We talked about how each one melted, and why it felt kind of rubbery when it melted into a puddle.

All in all, it was a fantastic day to experiment with the paint and ice. We had fun, the kids were outside most of the day, but I must say......all of my friends NEED to try out the moon sand that I blogged about yesterday. My kids brought that stuff BACK OUT, after dinner when we went outside. It is so much fun!

Enjoy experimenting with your kiddos, and don't be afraid to get your hands all stained from the food coloring....or maybe be warned!! ;)


Here are a couple pics of earlier in the day when they played with the Chalk Paint!!!

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