Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer fun Day 7!! Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there!!

Today, I got up early (6am.....special shout out to my son William, for that nice wake up call!) to get stuff ready to celebrate Father's Day. I planned to make a big breakfast, which the kids helped out with here and there, but really that was my thing.

Before that however, I traced all of the kids' hands, including mine. Last night I told Nick I needed to trace his hand for a project, he didn't question me. ;)

I cut out allll 6 of our hand prints, and placed them in the picture frame I had ready for this project. Wrote the kids names on their hand prints, and bam....we had an instant Father's Day gift!!

I did have to do most of this activity, with the kids eagerly watching, waiting for the finished product. But it was a fun project for all of us to take part in. It was the last gift we gave to Nick, and honestly, I could tell it was his favorite. YAY!!!

This was a great gift, and I wish I would have posted about this sooner, but I didn't want Nick to see our ideas on here!! ;) Tonight we are making smores for dessert, which will also be a fun activity!

I hope you are all enjoying this special day, and showing your husbands and Dad's lots of love, and appreciation.


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