Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer fun Day 11!! Making posicles!

Hi friend's! We are now on day's been so much fun to come up with new activities for each day. It's definitely adding lots of fun to our day's, but I won't lie, it does add some extra work for me! So, today we kept it really low key and had a simple activity. We made popsicles!

I got a little popsicle container at walmart for $1, we have been LOVING the frozen smoothie bags from Jamba Juice (you can find them in the ice cream isle! LOTS of different flavors), so I figured why not make them into posicles? GENIUS!

We got the blender out, blended up the bag of frozen fruits and yogurt, and added apple juice (it all comes in the jamba juice baggy, except the apple juice). Can't get much easier than that! :)

William and Laura helped me, pour it all into the popsicle container and we set it in the freezer. We couldn't wait to try out Caribbean Passion popsicles!

A few hours later we pulled them out of the freezer and tried to pull them out of the container. First one came out nicely, and the rest......a complete fail!!! I don't think we let them freeze long enough, so it ended up being Caribbean Passion a bowl, for Laura and Katie. William was lucky enough to get the only posicle. :/

AHH!! I was so frustrated, that I planned a simple activity today, and felt like the kids didn't get to really enjoy it. Nick assured me, that I cared that it wasn't a true popsicle, more than the girls did. I must admit, he was right. The girls ate every ounce of the 'popsicle in a bowl'! HA!

I wasn't going to give up though. I was determined and poured mixed berry kool-aid in the containers and let them freeze for a LONG time. IT WORKED!!! YAY!! So the kids will be excited tomorrow when they get the popsicles we made for the second time. ;) We will also give the smoothie popsicles another try.

All in all, it was fun to get the kids involved in mixing everything, and the excitement of waiting to see how they turned out. Can't wait to try this again!



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