Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer fun Day 12! Kid's kingdom, and fantasy fountain!

Hello friend's, and HAPPY FRIDAY! :) Today is day 12, of our summer adventures! We decided to keep Katie home from school since Friday's are water days at her school, and its not a big deal for her to miss it.

We got up, got our swimsuits on, packed a snack bag, the beach towels, and lathered up with sunscreen. The kids LOVE going to kid's kingdom so they were especially excited this morning.

Kid's kingdom is a huge beautiful park, full of slides, swings, so many things to climb on and walk across, it almost seems like a big wooden maze. Super fun, all year round! During the summer month's they turn on fantasy fountain, which is basically a splash pad for kids, with a huge volcano that explodes water every few minutes. SO much fun for everyone!

We usually have a picnic when we go out there, but we've noticed a lot of fly's around the picnic area, so we decided to just bring snacks to grab whenever we got hungry.

First we went to the park area, we played for a really long time, until we were all covered in sweat and totally ready to be doused in water from the volcano!

The kids ran around, in the water, enjoying all the fun sprinklers. I love bringing them there. It keeps them busy, cool, and I see smiles the entire time! We get to see lots of other families enjoying time together, which makes my heart so happy. It's good for the kids to get out and feel free, they can run and holler, or sit back and watch.....which both are so much like my Katie girl.

Katie is so special to us. All of our kids are.....but Katie has a certain....spunk in her personality. She gets out in the water and forgets about anyone else around her. She is in her own world, and doesn't care what others think. She is out there singing, dancing, splashing, you name it, my girl is doing it! Then when she is tired from all of that, she is happy to sit back quietly and watch other kids. :)

We passed out snacks to the kiddos, played as long as we could, until they were shivering, and then went back to the park area to warm up and dry off before heading home.

We swung, ran across the shaky bridge, climbed everything, and then when all of our energy was completely gone....we loaded all 4 kids into the truck, to go home to rest.

Kid's kingdom is such a fun place for kids AND adults. You can't go and just sit, watching your kids play. You HAVE to get involved because it's so much fun to walk through all the fun steps and mazes. The kids leave there ready for a nap EVERY time we go.

SO there ya have it friends, our daily activity that brought on lots of smiles, lots of laughter, and lots of family bonding. :)



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