Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer fun Day 9! WATER PARK!

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's day 9, of our summer activities. I have spent so much time looking up different activities/recipes/science experiments, for us to do. I can't complain though, because it is keeping us VERY busy, and keeping the excitement of summer, very much alive in my home. :)

Today I planned to turn our back yard into a water park! It was so much fun for us, that we played in the water for most of the day. Which makes for early bedtimes, so that's just an added bonus. ;)

I bought water balloons at walmart for 97cents. I borrowed an old plastic tablecloth from my mother in law to use as a slip n' slide, we covered it in my left over baby oil (from our moon sand project) and the left over shaving cream we had too! We filled the pool up, put a slide into it, turned on the sprinklers and started the fun!

At first we used the plastic table cloth as a slip n' slide, but it wasn't working as well as I thought it would. We placed an old thick blanket under it to give it some padding, but like I said....it just wasn't RIGHT. I then thought, OH!!! Put a slide on it!!! The kids loved it, and it stayed there the rest of the day. :) They got in line over and over again to slide down the slippery slide and across the slippery plastic.

Laura had a friend join us today, so that was fun. Nicholas was only with us for about 30 minutes at the end, because he was at a school function, visiting different colleges (he will be doing this for 3 days).

Nick came home from school and randomly said "I'm going to get the slip n' slide that we have in the shed, from last year" :/  Uhhh, excuse me?

Yea, apparently my husband heard none of my 'make shift slip n' slide' talk, earlier. :/

So, we brought out the one we had stored from last summer and the three girls had a GREAT time with that. That was a huge hit, Nick even played on it! William only went on it twice. The last time he got hurt, so he wanted nothing to do with it after that. So I filled up a bucket with shaving cream, since he missed out on that activity a few days ago. He played with that for a long time.....totally recommend for little ones!

I filled up a ton of water balloons, and they had the biggest smiles as they tossed them back and forth, getting each other soaking wet. It's funny to see kids when they are told they are ALLOWED to throw something at another person. William was definitely a little confused.

The kids swam, played with water balloons, went across the REAL slip n' slide, slid down the slides over and over, and ate ice cream. It was a blast. We all kept cool, and our day was full. There was no "I'm bored", or "what can I doooo?". No fighting. This means we had a successful day.

I hope you all had a wonderful day, and stayed cool. We sure did!

Enjoy our pics of fun!!!


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