Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer fun Day 6. Let's get messy!

Day 6, of our summer adventures, but somehow I feel like it's WEEK 6! It seems like we've done lots of new things so far, but apparently it's only been 6 now. ;)

Today, we got out the shaving cream cans, and got to playing. I picked up three cans of shaving cream (value size, yay for good deals!) at the dollar store. Can't beat that! I knew the kids would have a great time squishing the shaving cream and using their imaginations. I was right.

Laura knew what we were doing before hand, because she begged me to put it on our calendar. :) William ended up falling asleep 10 minutes before it was time to play, so he did miss out, but secretly I am glad he didn't take part in this one. Somehow I have a feeling that he'd create 10 times the mess that all three big kids created! I worried about this one, with him, just because I was afraid he'd get it in his eyes, or try to taste it when I wasn't looking, so him missing out wasn't too bad. We have been done playing for a while now and he's still asleep. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him! ;)

I gave the kids each 4 big squirts of the shaving cream and they couldn't wait to get their hands in it. As we played, they came up with so many things to do. Squish as much as they could in their hands, pile as much as they could all over their arms (sigh), write in it with their fingers, draw(they LOVED when we played simon says, and they'd have to draw what I said).....their imaginations were working double time!

I ended up only using one and a half of the cans, and we had a TON on the table towards the end, as you will see in the pics. So if you don't have 4 kid's you probably wont need as much as I used.

They played with the shaving cream for a long time, and when it was time to clean up it was really easy to just grab the hose and spray off the table, since we played with it on our back patio.

The kids told me they would definitely want to do this again, and next time, we will be adding food coloring for an extra flare! So if you try that out, let me know!!

Here are some pics of my 3 biggest kids having a good time getting super messy. :)


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  1. I've never done it but always wanted to.... puff painting with shaving cream & food coloring. I'm sure it's on Pinterest!! :)