Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer fun Day 15!! :) It's so FLUFFY!!!!

Hi friends! Today is day 15!! I can't believe it's been 15 days of activities! It's been so much fun, and exciting to have something to look forward to, with the kids each day.

Today we made FLUFF!!! I found this idea on pinterest.....where I find many of our activity ideas. All you do is mix a box of corn starch, with a can of shaving cream. I used two of my cake carriers to mix it all in.

At first my kids thought it was so much like the moon sand we made a while ago. It didn't end up like it at all though. It took a long time to mix it to a really good consistency, to make it so it could form shapes. They had a great time squishing the shaving cream and corn starch in their hands, and my heart had a great time beating crazy fast because of the insane mess it was making!! ;)

I let them continue to make a huge mess though, it made them happy and it made me happy to see them all talking about the "fluff" changing as we played with it, and how cool it felt to mix together.

I will recommend you play with the fluff outside, or on a huge spare sheet. Clean up wasn't too bad, I just vacuumed it all up, but It would have been easier and less of a clean up, had it been played with outside.

The kids formed shapes, and castles, and had contests to see who could make the biggest snowball. I had a contest with myself, to see if I could go the entire time without mentioning the big ol' mess it was making on my kitchen floor! I did good, and only mentioned it once. :)

Even though it was messy, it was SO much fun and we will definitely be making this again. They got to see it go from a powdery substance, to a big mushy ball of fluff. They loved this activity, and I loved that they had to work to see the end result. It was an awesome way, to pass some time, since we were stuck inside most of the day due to rain.

If you make this with your kiddos, please let me know what you thought!! :) Enjoy our pictures of smiles and fluff!!!


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  1. Wow Hunny, sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Wish I was home when you guys did it. Can't say I'm bummed I missed the mess though.

    Tomorrow you'll have to wait for me to get home so I can be here for it.

    Nice blog too Hunny, I really like the way you write; so easy to read. I'll have to read them more often. ;)