Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's in my purse.....mommy style!

I love watching makeup tutorials, and stuff like that on youtube. I usually end up watching the WHAT'S IN MY PURSE videos, and thought....I should totally do one! I NEVER see them from moms, so this will be a lot of fun. :)

I have carried a large purse ever since I had kids. As soon as I can get rid of the diaper bag (which is usually a must for me until age 1), then I just buy a cute big purse....or luggage, call it whatever you'd like ;)

I got this purse a few months ago. I found it at TJMAXX and love it! I spent about $40 on it, and it's continued to stay in great condition. I love the orange, it is different and I swear, you can wear it with anything!

If you have ever held my purse, you know it's heavy. I have to keep so much stuff in it, so it feels like its a good 10 pounds! I have all of my stuff and then of course, stuff for my kids. I was suprised when I sat down to take the pictures of all the stuff, that I didn't find ANY snacks, or any of Nicholas's stuff. I ALWAYS carry snacks for the kids, and Nicholas always seems to dump his stuff in my purse, they all do!

SUCH A MESS!!! No wonder I can never find anything in there!!
I always carry hand sanitizer, lip gloss, chap stick and gum. Always. This sanitizer was given to me from Laura's teacher this year, it smells so good! The ligloss is a cheapy from N.Y.C. but I love this stuff!
 Yea, that's all the change that I scooped out of my purse.......$8.37 worth of change. I was actually a little surprised that, that was it.....I swore I had more in there!! I'm sure some sneaky hands made their way in there!

                       Keys, key chains and pepper spray.....ladies, please protect yourself and carry pepper spray!

Tissues, a pen, and two of Katie's drawings. Again, I was surprised I didn't have more artwork from my kids!

A spare shirt for William.....that boy is so eager to make a mess! Two of his cars, which made me giggle when I pulled those out. So typical. And then an old wipe container that has crayons and a post it notepad, for the kids to color when we are out. I also usually carry a set of wipes, but I recently ran out.

I always have books in my purse. I'm reading Carry On, Warrior right now....a great book! And the other two.....Katie and Williams. I had one of Laura's chapter books in my purse the other day, but she has since taken it out.

My must haves.....a ziploc bag with bandaids, neosporin, benadryl cream, cough drops, and motrin. My sunglasses, my sparkly wallet that makes me smile every time I take it out, and my makeup bag. I carry lotion, lipstick, lipgloss, hair ties, powder and a little manicure set in my makeup bag.
There ya have it! A look into a mommy's purse. I would be very interested in seeing what is in your purse....I can bet we carry a lot of the same things. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day, and smile on the inside AND out!

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