Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer fun Day 17!! BUGS!!

Hi friends!!! I hope you are all getting through this week with ease! We saw the sun today, for the first time in a few days, so it made our day that much more great! Sunshine is a MUST with kiddos!

On to our daily activity!!

Today we made bugs!!! My son Nicholas got this bug maker a long time ago. When we got it, we didn't have time to actually use it so it went into our game closet. I know I know....that was awful of me, but life happens sometimes, and if things are out of sight....they are out of mind! We dug it out today and put it to good use!

We were going to have dinner at my in laws house tonight, so I thought it would be awesome for the kids to do today's activity with their grandma. She is super creative, so I knew this would be fun for everyone!
We read the instructions....and re-read them....because some things are made with the weirdest instructions ever, but we figured it all out. :) The kids were all able to pick a bug, and the color they wanted it to be. Grandma helped, and they all had so much fun. We talked about what we thought they would turn out like, and they all had different answers! I love that!

It takes about 10 minutes for the goo to cook in the little cooker, and then it has to stay in there to cool for almost 20 minutes. We waited, snacked, played games and chatted.
When the time was up, they all rushed back to the table to see their homemade BUGS!
Now, before I post these pictures, I have to remind you son got this bug maker a good 5 years ago. I believe I was pregnant with Katie. Because it is so old, the bugs didn't turn out as colorful as they normally would have. Yes, I hang my head in shame at how long it took us to pull this out. :(

The great thing, is the kids LOVED them!!! They thought it was so cool that their mom and grandma just made bugs with them. Yea, we were the best today!! :)

I loved seeing my kids doing this activity with their grandma, they laughed, and had a great time. I'd say that means this one was a success! :)


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