Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer fun Day 5. Exploding with excitement!!

Yay day 5! It's been 5 days full of new adventures and LOTS of fun. I couldn't wait to do today's activity. I planned to take the kids to the splash pad at kids kingdom, to dance in the water and run through the erupting volcano......but I still didn't want to take William to a public place since he is just getting over his croup and cold.

So I came up with the next best bring an exploding volcano to them :)

We've all heard about putting mentos in a 2 liter bottle of diet coke, to see it explode. Well we tried it, and we can't wait to do it again!! It was so much fun! The kids thought it was the best thing ever.....but first they thought their mother was insane for bringing 4, 2 liter bottles and a 4 packs of mentos into the back yard. They had no idea what I was doing.....they thought they were going to get hyped up on soda and candy! HA!!

We set them up in a row and decided to have the youngest go first and so on. That part I wish I would have done differently, I should have had the oldest go first, so the youngest knew what to expect. But it worked out just fine. William was just a bit surprised (even after explaining to all the kids what was about to happen), and you can see in his pic, he is running off to the left to take cover!

One by one, the kids took their turns, putting 3 mentos in their diet coke bottle. I read so many reviews on people just putting one mentos in, 3, or even the entire package of mentos. There is no way you will have time to put in the entire package, before you are doused in sticky soda! Laura ended up only having time to put in one, before it started exploding. It still ended up going super high and made us all laugh! SO if you try this, stick with 1-3 mentos.

It was so much fun to see their big smiles and surprised looks! We explained why the soda was doing this, so it was neat to have a little science experiment with them.

All in all, we will absolutely be doing this again.....probably this weekend! I hope you give it a try, and post pics.....we will try to add an entire package, or maybe 5.....the fun and experimenting will never end!

Enjoy all the pics of my kids running for cover!

I also wanted to update you all on the flower seeds we planted the other day. Today they sprouted!! We were so excited to see the little leaves poking through the dirt. The kids have been doing great watering them daily. :)


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