Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer fun Day 19! Splish splash!!

Hi everyone!! It's 10pm, and this feels like the first time I've been able to sit today. These kids had me running circles, and I will just say that it ended with a few kids being grounded. :/ Sigh.....some days are good, some are amazing and some are crummy. Today went from, great, to good, to crummy. That's ok. I know my kids went to bed knowing we love them, but hopefully a few of them will be thinking about making better choices tomorrow. Life lessons already happening here.

Today we wanted to go to the sundial bridge. That was the plan, but it got so hot out that there was no way we were going to drag 4 kids in the heat. We switched it up and took the kids to grandma and grandpa's house to swim! It's fun, and we would be in a nice cool pool! PERFECT!

I took William on a playdate this morning, so we planned to go swimming after 'quiet time'.....nobody napped so we said screw it and went to gma's around 2:30. We brought our dinner (BLT's) with us to make it easy.

We love swimming at gma's house. Its quiet (until my kids get in the pool!!) and the kids would swim for hours and hours, if we let them. William fell asleep when we got there, so I stayed in the house and read a book while he napped, and Nick and the kids cleaned the pool.

By the time we all got lathered up with sunscreen, (which if you know me, you know I'm crazy about sun screen. If my kids are in the sun, they have sunscreen on) was so hot out and perfect to be in the pool!

We played lots of games as a family, threw kids in the water over and over, splashed, and had a great time.

Three of my kids are full on swimmers now. Katie learned this summer in about two weeks. As soon as we let her have her floaties off, she went for it. Nicholas has been swimming since he was 5, Laura has been swimming for a few summers now, and we are even starting to work with William! He loves being in the water, and wants his floaties off all the time! I believe by the end of the summer or beginning of next summer, William will be a swimmer too!

I had a good time watching my kids play together (and of course fight.....but that wasn't as fun to watch lol!!). When they are sweet to each other and helpful, my heart just lights up. We enjoyed our time as a family in the pool today. It's nice to let the kids be free to splash and swim around. I really need to get a pool in my back yard!

I hope you all enjoyed your day as well, and had lots of reasons to smile....even if your kids acted like mine did a couple times today. ;)

Stay tuned for tomorrows activity for DAY 20!! :)


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