Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer fun Day 8! YUMMM!!

Happy Monday everyone!! And a huge thank you to everyone who has been reading my blogs. I've had a huge outpour of love and support since starting this blog, but even more so since I've begun our 'Summer fun' posts! I truly appreciate you reading my thoughts :)

Today was our baking day! The kids were excited to help make lots of cookies, and their favorite brownies.

We decided to make peanut butter cookies, white chip macadamia nut cookies, and delicious brownies with walnuts. Yea, I mouth is watering too. I was very good today and only "tested" one of each. It will be hard to have all this in my house, so we will be taking some to grandma and grandpa tomorrow. :)

The kids had a great time mixing, stirring, cracking eggs, and the best part of it all.....there was no fighting! They simply waited their turn, and passed the bowl around when their turn was up. SO proud!

My kids are all at ages now, where I can kind of sit back and say "you take it from here".....and they can all help each other. I'm lucky to have a 13 year old son, who knows how to do all this baking stuff. I've been baking with him since he was 3, and he's always been interested in helping. :) Maybe it has something to do with cookie bribery?? Nooo!!! ;)

Getting my kids in the kitchen, working together, and getting to see them SEE the fruits of their labor, was great. We bake a lot around here.....not that you can tell or anything (hehe) and its always a really enjoyable time. Who doesn't love walking into a house that smells like brownies and cookies?!

Nick was at school most of the time that we were baking, but I did save the brownie's for him to make with the kids. He did great. The kids had fun with daddy, being silly, and anxiously awaited our taste testing!

I know a lot of people try not to bake a lot, because they fear all the sugar they will end up consuming (I know how it is, believe me) but I highly recommend baking with your kiddos. They love to take charge, mix, measure, all that good stuff. It's great QUALITY time, and it counts. You never know what kind of conversations will arise, and its a great time to promote some sibling unity.

I hope you enjoy our pictures and can live vicariously through us, with the yummy smells of cookies floating around my house. :)


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