Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer fun Day 22! Animal alphabet!

Hello friends! Day 22!! I came across a website, that offers free printable letters to color. I got to thinking......I could print them, have the kids color the first letter of their name, and hang them! You all know me, I LOVE crafts that I can keep in the house and smile at daily.

Here is the website, where I found the letters..

I printed off two of each letter, so all the kids had a "just in case" page, since somehow kids always find a way to rip, smudge, or spill on paper. ;)

I loved the fact that they could just go crazy, and color their letter any way they wanted. My two oldest, LOVE coloring small things, and this was just up their alley, because each letter has lots of different animals, plants, much fun!

We helped the two little ones, when they got bored with coloring all the details. It was nice to have some quiet in the house though. I have come to find out that when we do our daily activities, the kids are so quiet with concentration. YAY!!! Sometimes a mom NEEDS it to be quiet!

When they finished, I cut each letter out, glued it on a piece of construction paper and put it into the frames that I found at the dollar store. SCORE!

The dollar store has been very kind to me lately.

Nick and I started putting some adhesive that is safe for paint, on the back of each frame. While hanging one of the frames, it fell and broke on a corner!! AHHH!!!!! Luckily, I had just picked up some super glue, from the dollar store, of course! I fixed the frame in no time, and now you can't even tell that it was broken at all.

I had Nick hang the frames in our living room. We have a large space behind our couch, where we keep our arts and crafts in a hutch, the train table is there, the kids computer, and some of the kids books. What a perfect place to hang them!

I was going crazy with anxiety, because I hate nothing more than uneven hung frames!! I had to keep walking out of the room.......yea, my anxiety was that bad LOL!

Nick got them all hung (he's such a good husband), and the kids were excited to see the outcome! I LOVE these letters! They are super cute, and the kids keep telling me "That letter is mine.....that one is Nick's, that one is Williams", and so on.

I love finding free printables, online, and this website is now a new favorite!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, and find lots and lots of reasons to SMILE!



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