Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer fun Day 33!! Wind catchers.

Hi friends!! I have had a full day, but a good one :) I hope you all had a good day too, and had little stress to deal with. :)

Today is day 33 of our summer fun activities. If you are new to my blogs, I will fill you in a bit. I have planned out an activity for each day of summer break, for my kiddos. Now obviously we are on day 33, and we've had more than 33 days of summer so we have had to skip some days, and I have chosen to not do an activity on Sundays. Those are our rest days :) So scroll through all my blogs to find some more fun activities to do with your kiddos this summer, and you will also find lots of blogs from me about my life as a mama :)

Today we made wind catchers! These were really fun to make and they turned out really cute!

All you need is paint, a cleaned veggie can (with both sides off) fun ribbon, glue, and yarn.

I let the kids paint their cans as fun and pretty as they wanted. They had a great time painting, they always concentrate so hard when painting.

They turned out cute!

I let the cans dry and then glued a string of yarn on the inside of the can, on both sides, so it would hang on something.

I let the kids pick out which ribbons they wanted to use to hang from the bottom.....they all chose different ones, so I love that they are all unique!
I was able to finish the girl's wind catchers completely, but I ran out of crazy glue, and had to use elmers glue for the boys ribbons....which are STILL drying (but will be done tomorrow). :/ So, don't use school glue, it will take a few hours to completely dry.
They ended up super fun, and happy looking! I can't wait to hang these outside tomorrow. They will definitely spread lots of joy.

I hope you try this one out with your kiddos....nothing better than having beautiful art hanging around the house or yard, that our kids made!

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