Sunday, July 14, 2013

The hardest parts of parenting....

There are days that I feel like I had to jump over so many hurdles, as a mom. I feel like I have to be everything, to everyone....and honestly, that's a lot of pressure. So I have compiled a list of what I feel, are the hardest parts of parenting.

Here we go...

* Dealing with constant stages. I feel like my kids go through different stages (that are all of course, super hard!) all at the same time.

* Sibling RIVALRY! sigh......enough said.

* Controlling your patience. I have been told that I have a lot of patience....and I will say that I do believe I do.....but I will also say.....sometimes it's hard as hell.

* If you have 4 kids like I do, you feel like you don't have enough hands, eyes, and words to go around.

* Transitions. I hate transitions. Whether it be, potty training, going to a big bed, starting things are hard for me. My kids have no idea, because I'm good at always remaining calm and happy for them, but inside I'm super anxious when we go through a transition.

* Feeling alone sometimes. My husband is amazing. Let's get that out of the way. He is the most hands on father, that I've ever seen. He has no problem being around our kids, playing with them, loving on them all, you name it! But this is life, and he isn't home all the time. He goes to school, and then has to study or do lots of homework when he gets home, so I do a lot of the "kid care".....if the kids decided to team up on me, I feel so frustrated and alone. That's hard.

* Feeling like you are doing everything wrong. I had to stop reading some of the "parenting tips" on pinterest, because they made me feel like I was doing so many things wrong.

* Making things even. It's almost impossible with 4 kids, and all of them such different ages. If I have a kid come to the store with me, its tradition that they get a special treat. Even though we have always done this, its still SO hard for any of the other kids to deal with. UGH!

* Back talking. If your kids don't do this, then I am jealous, because mine DO! I think they are pretty good kids, and probably don't even talk back as much as I feel, but I hate it. When you have a teenager, its harder.....they have a mind of their own and often times have a good reason, or opinion on something. They can counter argue and sometimes (not often!) I find myself saying " are right". DAMN IT! ;)

* The ages of 2, 7, and 12. HARD ages. Those years are hard on all kids, so I won't get into it too much, but at all of these ages, they are trying to find the limit. See how far they can go.

* Hearing kids playing nicely in the next room, and then all of a sudden a brawl breaks out. How? Sigh......I hate dealing with fighting kids. I like to make them do nice things for each other now, when I see them fighting.

* Knowing one of your kids is feeling sad about something. ESPECIALLY if you can see they are upset, and they can't even explain it.

* Bringing another child into the family. For me, this is always a blessing, but ALSO, very hard.

* Not being able to let my 7 year old ride her bike freely around our neighborhood. She goes with her big brother, but she does wish she could ride by herself like he gets do. I just cant let it happen. I fear someone taking her.

* Going to bed regretting ANYTHING that happened that day. If you raised your voice, said something you shouldn't have, or didn't play enough with your kids, it seems to always be something.

* When your kids get sick.

* When your kids act out or don't listen in front of other people.

* Discipline. Learning which battles to fight, and following through.

* Sending your kids to school. Don't get me wrong, as a mom, that time is crucial....THEY need it and I need it.....but it's seriously hard for me to let me kids be somewhere without me for so long.

* Knowing that saying NO, is a must sometimes, but remembering that saying NO, isn't always the only option.

* Feeling like you have such a small amount of "me time".....understandable, but also difficult.

I am sure I can come up with many more, and I'm sure you could add some things to this list as a matter of fact...I'd love to hear them!!

These are all parts of parenting that I'm sure we ALL find hard, but at the end of the day, these are things we all go through, that make us STRONG parents.

Hope you all have many reasons to smile today!!


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