Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer fun Day 27! To the movies!!

Hi friends! I cant believe today is day 27 of our summer fun activities. It's been so much fun doing something new and fun each day.

Today we took the kids to the movies! Yes.....all 4 kids. :)

We have taken the 3 bigger kids several times, but this was Williams first time going. Sigh......begin anxiety attack NOW! ;)

I am not good with change, or new things. It's just part of who I am, but I'm trying to break that......and I think I did that, since I decided to take our 2 year old to the theatre.

The kids were so excited to see Despicable Me 2!! It was hard to choose between that and Monsters University....we love both of the original movies.

First we got up and got all the kiddos ready, and made them pee 3 thousand times, before we left. :)

I gathered some of the kids favorite blankets, and then some small brown paper bags, cut them a bit to make them shorter, and wala! We had personal popcorn bags for the little kids. This way we wouldn't have to buy them each a popcorn, and we wouldn't have to pass around the big popcorn tub.

We bought our candy from the grocery store, because it already kills me enough to pay $4.50 for a small ICEE, times FOUR, and $7.50 for popcorn. I am telling you, it costs so much to bring a family of 6 to the movies.

We took the kids to the restroom right before our movie, just to insure there were no potty runs, right away.

The kids were pretty good. I don't have to worry about my 3 older ones. They know how to behave.....but my 2 year old has no sense of the word WHISPER! That's ok since it was a kids movie, but it just reminded me to teach him about our inside voice! He kept saying loudly, how everyone was feeling in the movie...("He sad?", "she laughing", "he hiding!!") cute, but distracting! Towards the end, William sat on my lap to cuddle, but it was nearing his nap time, and he was getting tired.

We had to get up a total of THREE times, for potty breaks. :/ I wish I was kidding. To me, that's RIDICULOUS......but kids will be kids. They are like animals....they have to mark their territory! ;)

All in all, it was a great time. The movie was super cute, the kids were well behaved, and we all laughed a lot. The popcorn bags that I cut, worked out amazingly!

I hope you all go to see this movie, your kids (and you!!) will love it!

I wish I would have gotten some better, or MORE pictures, but this is what ya get today :)


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