Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer fun Day 36! Marble races!

Hi friends!!! First I want to thank all of you for continuing to read my blogs, and all of my new friends for starting to read my blogs. It means so much to me, that you take time out of your days to keep up with the blogs I'm writing. Big hugs to all of you!!!!

Today is day 36, and we had FUN with this activity!

We had marble races! It was SO easy, all you need are marbles and a pool noodle.

I read online that some people cut the pool noodle down the center, all the way through the noodle, and then putting them together so they touched sides, and attaching it with toothpicks. I felt that was silly, and kind of a waste of time, so I just cut one down the middle and just didn't cut it all the way through. Worked perfectly. Make sure to bend it back a bit and it will be fine.

I taped the sides down to a chair in my garage, so we wouldn't have the noodles moving around.

WALA!! Now you are ready to race some marbles!! :) The kids seriously had so much fun with this activity. It cost little to no money, and my kids played with this for a long time today. I got on the floor in the garage with them, and had fun racing too!

They raced marbles, and then used hot wheels, which ended up being lots o fun. We had giggles, and smiles, and the best part was that we spent time together as a family. :) What more could a mom want?

Enjoy the pictures from our marble races! :)


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