Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer fun Day 23! Firework shirts!

Hi friends! The 4th of July is quickly approaching, and when I found this awesome idea on pinterest, I just HAD to do it!

It's super easy, and a lot of fun to see the fireworks emerge.

All you need is a blue and red sharpie, a white shirt, rubbing alcohol, wax paper, and a little dropper. I just used a children's medicine syringe (not in pic), and it worked perfectly.

You want to put a piece of wax paper inside of the shirt, to prevent it from leaking through to the back.
I did William's shirt while he colored on paper, because he was in a bit of a mood (see, same thing, different day! LOL). He still had fun drawing circles and scribbling all over his paper.
My other three kids were able to do this all on their own. All I did was put the drops of rubbing alcohol on the shirts. They drew lots of dots, in the shape of fireworks, and then I squeezed about 5 drops of rubbing alcohol in the center of each firework.
The rubbing alcohol spreads quickly, making it look sort of like tie dye! The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever!!

We had a lot of fun watching the spots turn into fireworks! The kids can't wait to wear them for the 4th of July. I think they turned out so neat! It makes me have all sorts of ideas, to use different colors, for different holidays. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you get a chance to try this out with your kiddos! I'm sure you will love it!

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