Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer fun Day 35! Decorating cupcakes!

Hi friends!! I hope that you all had a fabulous day, and shared and received many smiles! :)

Today was a fun and YUMMY activity! We made and decorated cupcakes!

The kids LOVE to bake with me, so this was a great activity for today. They weren't home made cupcakes, but they did turn out DELICIOUS, and we had lots of fun making them.
They took turns, pouring, stirring, cracking eggs, pouring some more and putting cupcake liners in the pan.

Love when they work together!!
We wanted to make the frosting a bit more fun, so we added some food coloring.
Then we began to decorate!!

You just HAVE to stop in the middle of decorating, to taste test!

Little Katie, LOVES using sprinkles!

My big kids decorated cupcakes, after they came home from riding bikes together....they were tired, so it was nice and quiet! :)

Here is one of Katie's creations....

While they were busy, I quickly decorated some cupcakes that weren't loaded with sprinkles. ;)

And the BEST part, was taking them with us to gma and gpa's house, for dessert. We were able to share our yummy cupcakes, and everyone LOVED them!

Sending lots of happiness and sunshine your way!!

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