Thursday, July 11, 2013

Get UNready with me!!

Hi everyone!!! I realized that a lot of you liked my "get ready with me" blog, so I figured it would be fun to show you how I get UNready for the day....or just ready for bed!

Let's go!!

First you peel yourself off of the couch, after a long day of being a somehow make it to your bathroom, and stare at yourself in the mirror, trying to remember what you are supposed to be doing....

Oh yes, we are about to wash our face off and crawl into the best space in your home....your BED!

                    So first thing is first.....get your hair out of your face!

                                              There we go!

Now I need to wash my face, and this is what I've used for about 3 years now.....I love this face wash!

Lets get to washing......I have to wait a while for my water to heat up, so until it does, I just have an uncontrollable need to do this....every....night.
She's melting!!!!!
:) hehe, nope just my copious amounts of mascara washing off ;)
Now get to washing!!
Try to wash your face like the commercial girls do, but then burn your eyes!!

                    AHH!!!! Those commercials are the biggest liars!

Ok ok....rinse it off and then use a facial scrub. I use this one once a week. I love it!!

Now dry off (because if you are like me, you will absolutely get water everywhere!), and slap on (gently rub) some moisturizer.

While rubbing the moisturizer on your face, you realize you have someone to thank......the little friend that is STILL living on your face.

So lets grab our favorite acne spray, (which is a body acne spray, but works great on my face as well)....and spray that little creeper, that is totally not going anywhere for the next couple days.

We need to get some eye cream on these tired eyes of mine......I use a burts bees eye cream, that is ok....not my favorite, but I still use it.
I put on chapstick every night, because I feel weird having dry lips. This is amazing stuff.....
I put some lotion on my arms and legs.....

While rubbing this lotion on your legs, you will see that you are long over due for some leg you do a few calf workouts...

Once it starts to burn, you say screw it because its getting annoying....time for my teeth!
Lets go check on the kiddos!

Yep, they are all sound asleep.....or super good fakers...either way they are quiet! ;)
I usually take some vitamins at night.....I have taken these for a while, and see a big improvement in my hair, skin, and nails.
Time to FINALLY crawl into bed.....don't look at the will depress you!
Give your husband (or wife) a kiss.....or more, that's all up to you. ;)
Be freaked out that your stalker cat is starring at you both, yet again.
She is totally fake sleeping here....such a creeper.
And then doze off into a wonderful sleep! HA! Who am I kidding....if you are a mom, you are literally half asleep, half awake all night.
Hope you all enjoyed seeing my nightly routine, and had a few laughs along the way. :)

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