Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer fun Day 39!! Mini fruit pizzas!

Hi friends!! Here we are on day 39! I'm so sorry I missed yesterday. I have a little sicky in the house, who wanted to be held all day, so mama was all about making him happy. :) Thank you for being so understanding!

Today we had a yummy recipe to try out. I saw this recipe on pinterest, for deep dish mini fruit pizzas. They looked delicious, and I am all about adding fruit to our dessert. So we were excited to make this!

All you need is a mini cupcake pan, sugar cookie dough (we used the pre-made stuff), cream cheese (8oz) softened, cool whip (16oz), cut up fruit (we used kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches).

We whipped up the cream cheese and then mixed it with the cool whip (the original recipe said to use all of the cool whip, but I decided to leave a little out, just in case some of my kids didn't want the frosting we made.)
Then we rolled up the sugar cookie dough, into little balls, and put one in each spot in the cupcake pan.
Here is where things got tricky for us. I baked them, according to the recipe (at 350, for 6-7 minutes), but I think we made the balls to big, because they pretty much filled the little slots, and were almost impossible to get out, without crumbling them.
:( SO sad that they didn't work....but we weren't going to let that, stop us from making fun pizza's! So I ended up baking the cookies like normal....which honestly....I think worked out better than the little cups would have.
We let the kids pick between the frosting we made, and plain cool whip. Most of us LOVED the frosting! The kids were able to put the fruit that they wanted on their pizzas, which was fun.

We all loved the mini fruit pizza's that we made! They were so cute, and SUPER yummy!!


William wanted plain sugar cookies, so he didn't make one, but this little boy ate 2 sugar cookies, and handfuls of fruit!
I hope you all try this recipe out......the kids will LOVE it!
Lot's of smiles and hugs from my home, to yours!!

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