Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer fun Day 38!! Picture frames!

Hi friends!! My house is a little chaotic right now. William isn't feeling well and we are having the kids bathroom I needed to have a simple craft for today. My mother in law and I went shopping the other day, and we found these cute foam picture frames with 100's of stickers.....we got them, and saved it for a craft for the kids. They loved them!

It's easy, but my kids LOVE they sat for a long time putting stickers all over the frames.

Nicholas wasn't into this craft.....that's ok, he was helping tear apart the bathroom, so he had his own BIG KID craft! ;)

We got these frames at Wal-Mart, for only a couple bucks. What's awesome about them, is they come with cardboard backing, so you can stand them up!

I let the kids do this activity whenever they wanted today, because we had a pretty weird schedule, with Katie going to school, and Laura having a dental appointment.

They had fun with this one. We will be printing off pictures of the family to put in some, and the kids want to color a picture for some of the other frames they made. I think they turned out adorable!!
I think this would make a super cute gift! Really, any of the crafts we've done so far would be great as a gift!
Hope you all have a beautiful day!

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