Sunday, July 7, 2013

Come get ready with me! Mommy style!

Good morning....or afternoon. ;)

It's fun to take a sneak peak into how other's live...or get ready for their day. I am a mama so I am SURE most of you get ready the same way, as I do. Let's get started!!

First you wake up, take the bun out of your hair and look in the mirror. You could think one of two things....."oh CRAP!!", or "it could be worse!" ;)

         Friends, it gets worse before it gets better. I'm sorry to say.

You take a quick shower, because you can hear kids fighting, or random banging sounds, but you rush to shave your legs, and then later realize you missed several spots....sigh.....

Get dressed in a dress, because not only is it an easy outfit, but it's the fastest thing to throw on.
Notice you need to pluck more than a few of your out of control eyebrows, and then curse the horrible things we call tweezers.
Take a trip to the kitchen for some coffee, to walk off the pain that you just caused yourself.
After you pull yourself together because plucking your eyebrows is seriously the worst pain ever (totally kidding), you begin the process of putting your face on. Lets start with good ol' moisturizer with SPF, because who wants wrinkles on their face?! NOT ME!
Now we grab the best foundation that you've found in the drugstore, and put it on those spots where you need it. Like over blemishes.....thank you friends for living on my face today.

Then grab a nice under eye concealer ( I totally recommend this kind by the way), and put it on like an upside down triangle, this truly helps conceal any dark circles, without looking like a raccoon with white circles!
Blend that good stuff in, and dark circles! You aren't SUPPOSED to use this on acne, but I do sometimes and it works well.
I didn't get a pic of my powder, but thats ok.....pat on some powder, and then go over it with some bronzer not only for contouring, but because you are too cheap to go out and buy a darker shade of powder and foundation, to match your tan. ;)
We are coming together nicely now! But you realize, you might want to look like you have some nice eyebrows, since yours decide to grow in sparsely.
           Ahh, better. This is a great brow fix kit, by Milani. Works wonders.

Oh whats hear your name being called from down the hall, and then into your room, and oh there she is......coming to spy on mommy :)

Once you put some light pink eyeshadow and lipgloss on your daughter, and send her on her are back in business.
Let's get to the blush! Here are two of my FAVS!!!! Wet n' wild, in Pearlescent Pink. And Milani baked blush, in Luminoso.
You now decide to make some faces at yourself, that I will save you from having to see. It's just something you have to do.

Lets get our eyes on now. These are two of my favorite brands for eyeshadow and crease brushes.

Line the bottom lash line, and slap on some mascara. Don't actually slap it on, that might really hurt, and also don't use this kind. I seriously don't love it, I again, am just too cheap to not use the rest of it.

Forget to take a pic of your eyeshadow, and then take one a few minutes later.....


The lipstick is from Maybelline, the Whisper collection, in Petal Rebel, and then I used my fav cheapy lip gloss.

You look at yourself and say "sweet, not bad!"......and then remember you have hair!!! "Crap! What am I going to do with you?"
First thing is first......take it out of the towel.
AHH!!! Let's grab the BEST "miracle leave in product", from It's A 10, and spray it all over the place....well....just on your hair. ;)
Ok, thats a bit better. Wouldn't it be nice to be born with the most gorgeous thick hair? Yea......I wasn't so lucky.

      Uh-oh.....we have another little one wanting to chat with mommy.......

Get distracted, and turn on some pandora to rock out to.
                                                       Let's get back to work!!

         Put some volumizing mousse in your hair, and remember how much you hate this brand!!! This specific mousse is no bueno! Now blow dry your hair.


Start back combing your hair for some volume, because 1, you have thin hair, and 2, your mousse did nothing at all, but weigh your hair down. :/

                          Let's brush that down a bit, just so we don't scare the kids.

Ok, that'll do!
Spray on some perfume.....this is my favorite!
Put your glasses back on, so you can see once again, tell your self it was a miracle you could see clear enough to even DO the makeup.....and then begin to make faces at yourself, so you can feel cool for a minute.

          Grab your coffee for one last sip, and realize there is a hair inside it. Make a face at it.

If you followed all of these steps, YOU ARE READY FOR THE DAY!! ;)
Hope you got a few laughs, shared some smiles and look in the mirror and tell yourself you are AMAZING!!!

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