Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer fun Day 34!! Moon sand and bubbles!!

Hi friends! Day 34!! Today was a little extra special because, Laura had her best friend come over and join us for our activity! I asked the girls what they would like to do for our activity, that way they could pick one to share with Laura's friend, that they LOVED.

They chose moon sand!

Earlier in the day, we played with lots of bubbles as well. I found some great bubble wands at the dollar store, that the kids LOVE! I also got the big thing of bubbles at walmart for about $3, and then the small pack of bubbles for $1 at walmart.

They had fun making big bubbles, and running through them....I had fun too!

When Laura's friend got here, we had lunch and then got busy making moon sand! They were super excited! If you haven't made it before, its very easy.

All you need is flour, and baby oil. Mix 8 cups of flour, with 1 cup of baby oil. We made 3 batches of this stuff, to fill one of our sleds. I figured the sled would work well to hold all the moon sand, and it would give everyone room to play. It worked great.

You can build castles with this, make a snowball....anything! They played with it for a long time. It's pretty messy, but totally worth it!

I hope you all enjoy your day. Remember to smile and be thankful for your life. :)


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