Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer fun Day 40!! Scavenger hunt!

Hi friends!!! Day 40! WOW!!! It's been really fun, doing all these new activities! For the next couple of weeks, we will have a couple repeat activities.....I'm letting the kids choose some that we've done, that they LOVED.

Today we had a fun scavenger hunt!!

How simple is that?! It's FREE (which is a bonus!) and it was fun to make teams and watch them work together.

I put the boys together, and the girls together. I figured Nicholas would be a good help with worked out nicely.

I made up a quick list of things for them to find....

And then we got to it! I explained the point to them, and they couldn't wait to find everything on the list.


It took a while to find some things, like the dandelion, and a rolly polly.....but they did it!

Nick and I had fun watching them run around the yard to look for each item.

The girls ended up winning!!! They found everything the fastest......but the boys did great too.

We had fun with this activity, it got us outside in the fresh (but hot) air, and the kids did great working together. When we were finished we came inside to play some games, and eat some popsicles!! :) Great summer day activity if you ask me! ;)

Hope you all have a happy day!!!


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