Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer fun Day 25!! Happy 4th of JULY!!

Happy 4th of July friends!!! I hope you had a wonderful day, full of fun, love and SMILES! I hope you all stayed safe as well. :)

Today we were SO excited to wake up and put our 4th of July shirts on, that we had decorated a couple days ago. The kids looked so darn cute! Nicholas is 13, so I think he was a little less excited, but he humored me and kept it on all day. :)

I knew we'd be busy most of the day since it's 4th of July, so I figured it would be fun to make lots of fun festive foods! Say that three times fast! ;)
We made star shaped watermelon....
4th of July rice krispie treats.....
And of course our yummy American flag, jello cake......
Our bellies were full of yummy treats all day long, leaving my home full of hyper kiddos, all day long! That's ok though, we love to enjoy these treats on holidays. I also came across a yummy "English muffin pizza" recipe the other day. I love easy dinners, and figured it would be a great day to try it, since we were already doing lots of cooking. They turned out DELICIOUS!!!!!
The kids got to make their own, which was lots of fun. We then spent a few hours hearing "Is it time yeeeeet??????", "can we pleeeease go see the fireworks now??"......and then FINALLY it was time to go enjoy some gorgeous fireworks, as a family. I truly enjoy the 4th of July. I love when so many people come out and sit together, for one reason.....celebrating our freedom. It's such a wonderful day to teach our kids what freedom is all about. It's also a sad day for me....I miss my brother's so much on this day. We've spent so many years celebrating the 4th of July together.....until we moved. :( I miss those days so much.
I hope you all enjoyed your day. I hope you got to enjoy some yummy food and beautiful fireworks, but most importantly, I hope you were all surrounded with love.

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