Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer fun Day 30! Water balloon baseball!

Hello friends!!! It's Wednesday.....ALMOST to the weekend!!! :)

Here we are on day 30 of our summer fun activities!!! So excited that we've done 30 fun things this summer!

Today we did something super simple, and super FUN!!! We played water balloon baseball!

This is obviously really cheap, because all you need is water balloons and water......and a plastic bat! ;)

We filled up a TON of water balloons.....

We let each kid hit about 5 balloons, and then let them have a water balloon fight, that the little ones, were very eager for.
Here are some fun pics of the kiddos hitting the water balloons!

I threw some for Nick as well, which was fun for us! (My son took these pics, so they are a bit blurry)

We filled up some more balloons for the water balloon fight, and they went at it! Something about throwing water balloons at each much fun!


And then if you are lucky, like I was today....your kids will play so hard that they can't help but take a nap right afterwards. :)

I hope you all had a great day, and found a way to stay nice and cool, like my kiddos did!! :)

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