Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer fun Day 42! CHOCOLATE!!

Hi friends!! Today it was a bit cloudy, and when it's cloudy, my family is SLEEPY! I don't know what it is, but rain and clouds just make us want to cuddle up, eat junk food and watch movies all day.

We made the junk food part come true! Hey, sometimes its ok to eat the yummy soooo not good for you food. ;)

I went grocery shopping recently, and brought my oldest son. He saw a box of brownie mix that has fudge icing on top, and NEEDED it.....such a teenager ;) I got it for him, and today we made it. Funny enough.....he didn't want to make it with us, but he surely did eat it up for dessert! ;)

I had the help of my three younger kiddos, so we had some fun stirring, pouring and smelling the yummy smell of brownies baking!

They love to help, and I absolutely love getting the kids in the kitchen, learning how to measure and bake, all kinds of things.
When the family saw THIS was for dessert, they were so excited, and ate ALL of their dinner! How can you NOT be excited for brownies with fudge icing??? We ended up topping it with chopped walnuts. :)
We ate our brownies with smiles on our faces, and happy tummies!

Hope you all had as SWEET of a day as we did!  ;)

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